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Spouse Immigration

The Complexity Of Spouse Immigration

Bringing a spouse immigrant into the United States is not as easy as one would think. Over the last decade the laws have changed. They have become stricter.

This has to do with the number of marriages that were happening for the spouse to obtain a green card work permit. You will want to make certain you are aware of the law changes before you venture down this path of pursuing spouse immigration.

You will need to be aware of the timeline for the application process. The timelines are different depending on whether you are engaged or married at that particular time. Missing appointments and dates will automatically cancel the work you have completed to date.

Before you can start the application process, you will need to make sure you even qualify. There are certain counties where marrying a United States citizen is illegal. If the marriage is not legal, according to the laws of either country, then the marriage will not be legally recognized in the United States.

Therefore, spouse immigration will not be something that you will be able to obtain. In situations of this caliber you will need to obtain legal advice. This very seldom happens, but there have been documented cases.

Starting the application process starts with understanding which immigration forms you need. This is usually the hardest part. Doing the application process incorrectly can have serious ramifications. You run the risk of having to restart the process causing it to be twice as long or being denied. Therefore, if after you have all the information on how to apply for spouse immigration, and you are still confused, you may want to look into getting legal counsel.

Should you choose to proceed on your own, you will need to make sure you thoroughly understand how to fill out the immigration petition (I-130) form and the permanent resident (I-485) form.

While you are in the spouse immigration application phase, the United States government will take a close hard look into your relationship. They will want to verify that you are not getting married in order to obtain United States citizenship for your spouse.

If they can determine that you have married for your spouse's green card work permit, they have the right to impose sanction (jail time and citation fees) on you and deport your spouse.

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Spouse Immigration | Spouse Imigration | Battered Spouse Immigration | K3 Visa Attorney | Australia Immigration Spouse Visa | H1b Spouse